The last post was all about interesting attributes and intriguing stories about orchids. Now that your appetite is expanding for orchids, we €™ll teach you how to grow them! There are lots of interesting species orchids, but the easiest to grow are some of the new hybrids. Once you get your feet wet with the orchids described below, you can branch out into more interesting varieties. You will have the confidence and the green thumb to keep growing.

There are a lot of ways you can describe a Phalaenopsis orchid.Some people call them the Yews of Orchids. (Meaning, they are so common, like foundation plantings of yews, that they aren’€™t interesting.) Their common name is the €œMoth Orchid, € because the flowers look like moths. These days, you can get these orchids at anywhere from Smith and Hawken to Home Depot. They come in every imaginable color. Here are the details you need to grow them.

Growing Medium: This depends a lot on your individual watering habits. If you tend to over-water, you will want to plant your orchid in medium sized bark. If you under-water, you can pot in moss, which retains moisture. Because the moth orchids are epiphytes (grow on trees), they do not like to sit in wet soil.

Pruning: Does not need to be pruned frequently. You may prune off flower stalks that are completely brown, but leave stalks that are still green so that they my photosynthesize and feed the plant.

P.S. A shout-out to my Mother in Law, Susan, who wrote to me yesterday to inform me that her orchid that has been in bloom since MAY just started to go out of bloom. I think she has a Phalaenopsis. If you can beat that record, feel free to let me know by commenting here. Great Job Susan!

Orchids are such beautiful plants. Your article will undoubtedly encourage many to try growing them. They are really not deserving of their difficult to grow reputation. They just need proper conditions and care.

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