Nothing tastes better than corn freshly picked from the garden! Have some fun in the vegetable garden this summer by growing your own corn. For something different on your table, try the Red Martian€ variety of organic red corn from Park Seed. Kids will especially love this tasty treat. Corn named after an alien. Sign me up! In addition to the great taste, the burgundy color of the leaves contrasts nicely with your other garden plants. Here’s how to grow it:

This corn takes 100 days from seeding to maturity. That is roughly three months, plus a few days. So, the time to plant this corn for a succulent fall harvest is NOW! Corn is wind-pollinated, so it is important to plant them close together. If you have limited space to plant corn, it is better to plant it in four foot by four foot blocks (like square foot gardening), for best pollination. Corn is a heavy feeder, so be sure to amend your soil with plenty of compost before planting. Additionally, plant corn in a location with full sun all day.

Red martian corn is ready to harvest as soon as the silks start to barely try at the very tips. You can also dry this corn for fall displays. Park Seed recommends steaming this corn, rather than boiling it, so that you don’€™t lose all of the red coloring in the water.

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